Spartanburg Bush Hogging Service

If your land is overgrown with thick bushes and grass, then it is in dire need of bush hogging service. Otherwise, you may never be able to use that land for the intended purpose. However, clearing up overgrown plots of land can be quite overwhelming if you want to do it on your own. This is where a professional Bush Hogging service contractor comes in. 

At Ricky’s Bobcat, we have the experience, expertise, and the right bush hogging equipment to crop and prune even the largest sites efficiently. 

What is Bush Hogging?

Bush hogging or Brush Hogging is the process of clipping and spitting out brush, grass, high weed and small saplings and trees. Bush hopping is actually a type of landscaping where any overgrowth is gotten rid of to prepare the land for various purposes. 

Bush hogging is a whole lot better than other types of clearing land because it does not cause any disruption to the environment nor does it involve extracting the trees or bushes from their roots.

Bush hogging is both cost-effective and a quick way to clean up the land. A heavy-duty mower and track are all that’s needed to make the land reusable for agriculture, hunting and other purposes. Once you do bush hogging, your land will be nutrient-rich to nourish other plant life.

A Bush hog is nothing but a type of mower attached to the back of a tractor. It resembles a rotary cutter in more ways than one. This wonderful piece of equipment cuts everything from tall weeds and grass, trees, unwanted plants, overgrowth bushes, brush and saplings.

Why should you do Bush Hogging?

If your land is overgrown with brush and trees or is dead, then it becomes necessary to cut the grasses, weeds and trees before the land can be used for other purposes. It is a vital process to be done in land clearing, landscaping and site clearing projects. You should consider bush hogging for these situations.

  • If you have bought/inherited land that is unkempt and needs clearing.
  • As part of your routine land maintenance.
  • To use the land for farming or other purposes.

What is our bush hogging services for?

If you are on the lookout for the best Bush hogging service in the Spartanburg area, then Ricky’s Bobcat excavating company is where you will get it. Bush hogging involves the use of specialty mowing equipment to snip tall grass, weeds, brush and trees from the fields, plots of land or any other overgrown area.

You may be in need of clearing space for commercial purposes. Or, you may need to clear a plot for putting up residential property. At Ricky’s, we specialize in Bush hogging, mowing and can handle any Bush Hogging requirement. 

Our bush hogging services are available for clearing:

Private residential properties
Commercial properties
Industrial plots
Vacant lots
Farmland, fields and ranches
Overgrowth yards and construction sites
Tallgrass cutting
Mowing grass
Lawn and pasture mowing
Retention ponds
Pipeline and Powerline Right-of-ways
Inclines and Ditches
Subdivision land

We offer mowing, bush hogging and cleanup for a job of any size. For efficient Bush hogging, many factors have to be taken into account. Mud, trees, low hanging limbs, debris, edging, fencing, slope and so much more. 

Our experts have an enviable experience working in various terrains, climatic conditions, work situations, knowledge and eye for detail to take all these into consideration to effectively do the job for you. All of this helps us to tackle overgrown construction sites, large commercial and residential sites that need clearing, clean-up and clearing up of retention ponds, and so much more!

Why Us?

Cutting thick grass, trees, weeds need more power than an ordinary lawn mower can provide. It requires a lot more power. Our range of equipment and fleet allows us to tackle any type of job or any size of the job. It does not matter how overgrown your land has become or how difficult the task is - Ricky’s Bobat has experienced crew and latest equipment to bush hog multiple sites across various regions and tackle any weed, tall grass, shrubs, brush, saplings and trees that are in the way for your next project.

Nothing but the best equipment is suited for jobs related to bush hogging. Otherwise, the equipment is likely to be destroyed. Plus, you won’t be able to get the job done to your satisfaction and requirement. Bush hogging is a job that should only be done by professionals who are trained and have the knowledge and experience to handle any task on the field.

When you hire us, you will know the difference instantly. What sets us apart is our attention to detail and understanding of every individual project needs to deliver outstanding results. Our services are quick and affordable too! We will clear your land and make it more presentable, usable and inhabitable. 

Call us today

You cannot think of any project, be it residential or commercial if the land you bought or inherited is overgrown with trees, plants, and shrubs. Whether you need to Bush hog your land for agricultural purposes, personal use or aesthetic enjoyment, bush hogging is used to clear tall grass, eliminate brush and weeds or any unwanted/excessive plant growth, maintain land in good condition, prepare land for developing property, and promoting biodiversity.

You need a company with good credentials and experience that can deliver quality results. It is because Bush hogging is something that needs to be done regularly to manage and maintain the land in proper condition. When you hire us, you can feel safe and confident that your land is in safe hands and equipment. 

If you want to clear out or clip small or large areas, so that you can use a plot of land/field/yard the way you want, call us today at (864) 680-7864 for a free estimate. We guarantee swift, affordable and efficient clear-up of your rugged land so you can begin your next project without further delay! 

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