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Ricky’s Bobcat offers outstanding landscaping services. We don’t just stop with clearing your property. We roundup our earth clearing service by offering the best landscaping services. 

Our landscaping services include finishing grading where the site is prepared for construction purposes, lake shore restoration, etc. There is a lot of decorative landscaping work that can be carried out like decorative rock or edges, water works and ponds.

If your home is looking a little rusty and aged, then it's time to turn it around. We can turn most any worn out or ordinary property, be it residential or commercial, into an aesthetically appealing and practical outdoor space. 

What landscaping services we do

Right from the development of your landscape, and then maintaining the same to enhancing it, you can rely on our services. How your landscape looks and is maintained says so much about the condition of your property.

Your property may require a very menial landscaping project such as putting up a new lawn or with frills and additions like the inclusion of botanical gardens, natural wood, decorative rock, bushes and more.

We do all these activities as part of the Landscaping process

New botanical gardens
Fixing new lawns or patching up already existing lawns that are in need of touchup.
Installing decorative rock.

A properly planned, designed, and executed landscape not just improves the overall appeal of your property. It also improves safety and lowers the risk of damage to your property as well as any accidents.

Call us today

We are a licensed, and insured excavating company serving the Spartanburg area. We will be delighted to talk about your plans and how we can serve you. We provide top-notch landscaping services that are affordable and timely.

For the ultimate outdoor area, reach out to us! We can enhance your landscape’s appearance, functional impact as well as sustainability. Visit the portfolio page to see what sort of landscaping projects we carry out and call us at (864) 680-7864 for a free estimate.

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