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Ricky’s Bobcat is one of the finest site development, excavating and grading companies in the Spartanburg area. We are licensed, bonded and insured, so when you call us for your site preparation work, you can rest assured knowing that your land is in safe hands.

If you have taken up a construction project, as a first step you will have to level up the construction site. It makes sense to get professional help and hire an excavation company to do the work for you. Ricky’s Bobcat is one company that you can fully trust to provide you with outstanding grading service.

While excavating or “moving dirt” is one of the most important services we offer, there is more we do later that is an integral part of what we do. Grading the land is one of our core offerings, and there is so much difference between excavating the land and grading.

Our team first develops a site by getting rid of objects like topsoil, rocks, stone, grass, overgrown vegetation, tall trees, etc. Once we remove all the unwanted stuff that is in the way, including some of the loose surface material, our team gets to the core component, which is grading the land.

During the grading process, we smooth and level the ground to allow for the soil surface to be smooth and even before the construction activities can begin. Grading is an essential part that has to be taken care of before construction activities can begin.

Grading is not just for preparing the land for construction. Grading is also done to improve the landscape for putting up buildings, facilities, infrastructure works, and other projects like putting up a new driveway, installing a parking lot or building a patio.

Grading is a job that requires a lot of in-depth knowledge related to soil variety, climate, the landscape and a whole lot more. We have the latest piece of equipment and an entire fleet including excavators and bobcats to perform grading within schedule and efficiently to boot. 

What is land grading?

Land Grading is basically levelling the service. But there is more to it than just making the level service to create a foundation for construction purposes. The characteristics of your site are what will determine the type of grading that needs to be carried out. 

It is not the only reason why land grading is done. Grading is also done so that a particular landscape is improved. Another reason for grading is to create a slope surrounding the building for proper drainage, so that rainwater runs away from any structure rather than towards it. 

What do we do as part of land grading?

We are happy to do land grading for both housings as well as commercial purposes. Our qualified technicians will firstly analyze the blueprint and then figure out all the specifics before they can get ready to grade the land.

Grading is done using specialized equipment including a Bobcat. Bobcats are super versatile and they help to scoop and clear dirt out of the way. They help level surfaces as well. The various attachments on them are useful to flatten and smooth out new surfaces.

We do all of these activities as part of the grading process

Remove existing topsoil
Trucking away excess dirt
Level slopes
Level the construction site
Debris removal
Filling in low spots
Exporting/importing fill material
Fine grading
Creating pads

The specialized machinery and our thorough knowledge of grading allow us to deliver sites with increased accuracy and efficient design. The most vital structure of your home or commercial property is your foundation. Without proper grading, you run the risk of causing structural damage to the foundation. 

Whether you need to grade your backyard, pool or look to clear out some area of your home space for new additions/construction, then leveling the land is where it all begins. We are there to do the heavy lifting for you so that your home projects are a roaring success.

We are here for any business or commercial grading jobs as well. Whether you want to smooth out a large plot of land to assemble a new building for business purposes or you want to clear out a small area of land for opening up a small commercial business, we are here to assist you.

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You cannot improve your property without a good foundation.

Our attention to detail, years of experience, integrity and commitment to quality is what sets us apart. We ensure that our project management is in place, do frequent fieldwork, and maintain regular communication with our equipment operators for immediate response to needs as they raise, right from project inception till closeout.  

We work closely with our contractors, home or business owners, builders, suppliers and developers to complete any grinding task you may have. 

To know more about our services, call us at (864) 680-7864 for a free estimate. Schedule an appointment with us and be easy knowing that we will deliver top quality results, on time, at an affordable rate. Let us level your land to its picturesque and functional best!

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