How much should you pay for bush hogging

Bush Hogging is the process of cutting heavy grass and thick foliage with a rotary cutter driven with a PTO and attached to a tractor. Bush hogging is basically rough-cutting because the big steel blades will rough-cut through the vegetation rather than the manicured cut which you get from a finish mower or lawnmower.

Basically, Bush hogging is landscaping work done to clear the land and develop it for farming, agriculture, hunting and other activities.

Various factors will determine the price you should pay for Bush hogging:

  • How difficult the job is 
  • The equipment wear
  • The distance it takes them to access your location
  • Labor price
  • Quantity of fuel burned per hour
  • Time of the year when you are hiring for Bush Hogging services

All of these factors will have a final say on the final price you need to pay for Bush Hogging.

pay for bush hogging

The difficulty of the job

Saplings can be cleared easily and don’t require much work. But trees more than 2” in diameter require more work to be done, so you will be charged more. The more the maintenance work and large bush hogging that needs to be done, the more you will be charged.

The nature of the terrain, the type of brush, how wet the ground is, how steep or otherwise the terrain is, and the number of large trees which may make moving around them difficult all determine how much time and cost it will take to perform bush hogging.

The equipment wear

The nature of the Bush Hogging depends on the type of vegetation and its size. It's easy and quick to trim dry grass, so it's not all that expensive. 

When the terrain is rocky, cutting away at large saplings means there is a high possibility that the equipment will wear away. The more expensive and heavy the equipment, the more the repair and maintenance work is involved. You should expect to pay a higher cost when you expect the terrain to take a toll on the equipment used.

The distance it takes to access your location

Just like any other job, time is money. If your location is far away from the Bush Hogging contractor you hire, the more you will be charged for the Bush hogging service rendered.

Labor price

Labor price is one of the factors influencing how much money you should pay for the Bush Hogging service. When the market price for bush hogging work is more, you will also pay more for it.

Quantity of fuel burned per hour

The more fuel that is burned in an hour performing Bush Hogging, the more you will have to pay for the service provided.

Time of the year when you are hiring for Bush Hogging services

Clearing and developing the land is a lot more difficult during the summertime as the foliage would have rotted itself well into the soil having had lots of time to grow. This will up the Bush Hogging cost.

  • $60-$75/hr Bush Hogging grass and fields 
  • $70-$90/hr Bush Hogging up to 2”
  • $100/hr Bush Hogging up to 4”

When charged by acreage, you can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $250 per acre.

Final Wrap

Before hiring a Bush Hogging contractor to clear your land, choose a reputable contractor which is insured, licensed, and bonded. They will take a thorough overview of your property and analyze factors like dirt, debris, slope, trees, climate, type of terrain, location, and so many other variables before they quote a price. You can choose one depending on your specific needs.

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