Reasons why Bush Hogging is better than Mowing

Bush Hogging and Mowing are both jobs that involve maintaining your landscape in tip-top condition. There are some differences between the two, however.

If there are wild areas in your property that have to be taken care of, not only to maintain but also to control too much overgrowth, then it's recommended you do Bush Hogging. On the other hand, mowing the lawn should be looked into if you want your yard to have a nice, cosmetic look.

Bush Hogging is better than Mowing

Why bush Hogging is better than Mowing

With a basic lawnmower, you can sustain the areas of your yard that have grass. If your yard has tall grass, then running the lawnmower over the weeds and other vegetation can be quite problematic. It is because there are chances that the blade may not cut through the tall grass.

With a mower, tackling the weeds on your own can be just as difficult. Weed patches are quite tricky and you have to fight hard to make your way through them to mow your garden. Mowing over thick branches, plants and plants may not just cause blade dulling, it could even damage the blades.

The equipment used for mowing is suited only for thin grass. When you try to use them to trim weeds, thick vegetation or fibrous plants, the blades will dull, and they won’t be very effective.

The Bush Hog, which is the equipment you will use for Bush Hogging, will trim and throw out a bush, tall grass, high weed, smaller saplings, and even trees! 

The blades of a brush hog are heavy and will last long, however it is not as sharp as the blades on a standard land mower. Rather than the sharpness of the equipment, the fast momentum of the spinning blades of a bush hog will cut through tall and thick vegetation. The heavyweight of the bush hog comes in handy to make the job more effective as well.

A bush hog can be run at super high ground speeds, which means it can cover more acreage quickly. If you need a lawn maintenance job that needs to be taken care of quickly, to prepare the land for other purposes like farming or hunting, bush hogging is the way to go.

If you have vast expanses of thick foliage that needs upkeep, then bush hogging is a perfect choice. Bush hogging helps to keep overgrowth not just in the yard, but also in the meadow, roadways, and other spots at bay.

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Final Wrap

If your yard is cut, but you need a piece of equipment to make it look well-groomed and manicured, then a lawnmower is the equipment you should opt for. On the other hand, bush hogging is the perfect choice for rough-cutting weeds and high grasses on your property. 

You should opt for one or the other based on your property, your landscape, the size of your yard, the kind of vegetation you have, the kind of lawn maintenance you are looking to do, and the intended use of your yard.

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