Six reasons why Professional Grading is crucial to lawn health

Professional Grading Is Crucial To Lawn Health

Grading is the process of leveling the land to prepare it for various construction purposes. That’s not the only reason for grading though. There may be properties on which drainage is harming the foundations of properties and other structures. In these scenarios, Land grading becomes crucial.

What is Land grading?

Land grading is the process of levelling the ground or changing the slope of the yard for improving the drainage. There are so many activities that go into grading land and involve the use of heavy equipment and state-of-the-art tools. These include: Excavating and digging, shifting topsoil and dirt, even out slopes, compacting the soil, leveling building sites, filling low spots, moving dirt to fill a hole or levelling a slope.

Professional Grading for improving Lawn Health

There are tons of benefits for your lawn when you go with professional grading. 

1. Improves drainage

Poor drainage can negatively impact your land in so many ways. Water pooling, wet and swampy conditions are all a result of improper drainage. You may have spots that are water-logged in which the plant growth will be rather poor and underwhelming. 

Correct grading will improve the drainage and ground condition of your lawn. The soil will also be nutrient-rich and conditioned in the process. Adding the proper slope will remove water downhill and into a river, lake, stream or runoff rather than towards or into a building or structure.

2. Smoothing the surface for laying a lawn

Can you imagine a yard with varying levels, some high spots and some low? Such a lawn will be extremely difficult to maintain and water. If you want to mow or landscape an uneven yard, it may be virtually impossible to do so.

Forming flat and even surfaces will make it fairly straightforward to build lawns, move them, water them, and maintain them in tip-top condition. You can go as far as to add whatever features you want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your lawn if the surface is conveniently smooth and level enough.

If you are all for terracing and transforming your yard to include play areas, flowering pots, plant beds, etc., you need to grade the slope to make it happen. You will love how exquisite your lawn looks post all this transformation.

3. Lessens topsoil loss

When there is a lot of water pooling up in the yard, then it's bad news for your lawn. As more flooding happens, the water not just carries debris with it but layers of topsoil as well. 

If the slope is not properly laid, then water pooling will happen. Too steep a slope will wash away the topsoil and this includes all the nutrients in the soil as well. The result? Your lawn may slowly start disappearing and look lifeless with all that water running it and running off the ground.

When proper grading is done, this runoff can be reduced. Not only will the topsoil be protected, but your lawn will be healthy and thriving too. During Landscape grading, an additional layer of topsoil will be put up. This will contain nutrients for good plant growth.

4. Improved irrigation 

To install irrigation, Land grading has to be pursued by property owners. Plants and lawns require good drainage, which basically translates to optimal moisture levels for wholesome plant growth.

A well-graded garden will find the right balance between wet and dry conditions. There will be no pools formed everywhere, which could lead to weeds sprouting all over. The grass will also look lush and be healthy.

Proper grading will also ensure that there are no high spots. High spots mean the water will depart swiftly and not be retained for a long duration for plants to get their required water supply to grow and thrive. 

5. Enhanced plant health

Your lawn will look stunning and healthy with proper grading. Grading will also provide a proper foundation for plants to grow. 

Improved drainage, improved irrigation, and the addition of topsoil (better topsoil!) are all good news for the plants in your garden. The soil conditions will improve through grading, which means your lawn will be healthier than ever. If you want to bring up a healthy lawn with exquisite flowers and nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables, you can do so with efficient grading in place.

6. Safeguard foundations

To create a new foundation for a process or to protect the existing foundation, you should ensure correct grading. Improper land grading will lead to negative drainage, which in turn will cause continuous damage to your foundation. 

The weight from the pools of water that is collected due to improper drainage will press against the foundation leading to cracks, dents and other structural damage on your property. If you want to protect your foundation, you should go with a professional grading service immediately. 

A solid, stable foundation is crucial to improving your property and keeping it safe. Grading is crucial in that regard. 

For proper grading, the slope of the yard is a determining factor. Grading will protect your home from groundwater, flooding, rainwater etc., by making water flow away from the house rather than towards it.

Final Wrap

Grading is not something you can take up on your own. One small mistake means affecting the foundation of your home and dealing with drainage issues that can affect the health and appearance of your lawn, and damage the very foundation of your home. Then you will have to take corrective measures to regrade the yard again.

Professional land and yard grading can make a tremendous amount of difference in the way you enjoy your yard. The benefits don’t just stop with the aesthetics, appearance and curb appeal but also extends to maintaining your lawn in a healthy and robust condition. Poor knowledge and understanding of the math, principles and techniques of proper grading will create plenty of problems with drainage, irrigation, plant health, the foundation of your property and more in the future. This is why it's best to leave grading in the hands of professionals who have the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time around.

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